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Algeria Route-to-Market


A consumer goods company with an operation in Algeria was trying to gain insight into their Route-to-Market effectiveness. The company was concerned about the growing role of large distributors, and the impact these distributors will have on their business going forward. They wanted to understand the current gaps in the markets and potential Route-to-Market distribution alternatives.

The Supply Chain Lab approach:

The Supply Chain Lab (TSCL) conducted a rapid (ten-day) Route-to-Market assessment to identify the gaps in the market. The assessment focused on service levels, systems and supervision. TSCL assessed the current distributor effectiveness, taking into consideration channel strategy and coverage.


The client was presented with the findings of the assessment, including currents gaps, risks and Route-to-Market recommendations for an urban and rural distribution model. The presentation also included Route-to-Market benchmarks, including model size, segmentation and service policy. The benchmarking was based on emerging market operations with similar product categories and at the same development stage. The company was presented with detailed steps to successfully launch and scale up a new distribution model.

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