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A Zambia agrochemical company looking to expand their reach to smallholder farmers



A Zambian agrochemical company was eager to expand its product range to a growing share of smallholder farmers (SHF). The company focused primarily on commercial farmers in Zambia, and lacked the required retail footprint to cost-effectively service SHF. The company wanted to pilot a model that would be scalable in upcountry areas.


The Approach: 


The Supply Chain Lab (TSCL) in collaboration with its alliance partner provided technical assistance during the project. TSCL shared relevant distribution case studies, and provided insight into potential distribution options to access SHF in Zambia. The team facilitated a workshop with agro-retailers to identify the key challenges and constraints. 


The project members presented the agrochemical company with distribution options and key considerations. The presentation included the following:


  • Key challenges and constraints when servicing SHF

  • Potential retail and distribution options

  • The steps in piloting a distribution model

  • Distributor selection criteria

  • Partnering options with other companies

  • Performance measurements

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